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Utility Reference

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audiotools-config cdda2track cddainfo cddaplay coverdump covertag coverview dvda2track dvdainfo track2cdda track2track trackcat trackcmp trackinfo tracklength tracklint trackplay trackrename tracksplit tracktag trackverify


trackrename takes a list of audio files and renames them based on external or internal metadata.

-h, --help
show a list of options and exit
-I, --interactive
edit format string in interactive mode prior to renaming tracks
The format string to use for new filenames. Template fields are replaced with metadata values when new tracks are created. All other text is left as-is. If this option is omitted, a default format string is used.
-V, --verbose=VERBOSITY
The level of output to display. Choose between 'normal', 'quiet' and 'debug'.
Rename all of the FLAC files in the current directory based on their FLAC tag metadata:
track2rename *.flac
Rename file.flac with a custom template:
trackrename "--format=%(track_number)2.2d - %(album_name)s - %(track_name)s.%(suffix)s" file.flac