Latest version: 3.1.1
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Git Access

A Git repository for Python Audio Tools is available via GitHub, Bitbucket and SourceForge. To clone the working repository on your own system via GitHub, use the following command:

git clone git:// <local dir>

To clone it from Bitbucket:

git clone <local dir>

Or, to clone it from SourceForge:

git clone git:// <local dir>

You'll then have your own fork to work on at will, or just keep up with current developments. To pull new changes from the remote repository, simply use:

% git pull

from your cloned working directory.

All repositories are kept up-to-date simultaneously, so use whichever you prefer.

I try to keep the working repository in a stable state; since I use it for all my day-to-day audio management, it'd be a big inconvenience to have features not working - or working incorrectly - for an extended period of time. That said, the nature of new code means new bugs are likely to creep in, so use with caution.