Latest version: 3.1.1
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Required Prerequisites

Python 2 or 3 2.7 or greater, or 3.3 or greater

Optional Prerequisites

libcdio for CD reading
cdrecord for CD burning without cuesheets
cdrdao for CD burning with cuesheets
Urwid for the interactive modes of various utilities
PyGTK or Tkinter and PIL for coverview

Format Prerequisites

Format Suffix Decoding Prerequisites Encoding Prerequisites ReplayGain Binaries
AIFF .aiff built-in
Apple Lossless .m4a built-in
FLAC .flac built-in
M4A .m4a neroAacDec or faad neroAacEnc or faac N/A
MP2 .mp2 libmpg123 libtwolame N/A
MP3 .mp3 libmpg123 libmp3lame mp3gain
Ogg Vorbis .ogg libvorbisfile libvorbisenc vorbisgain
Opus .opus libopusfile libopus N/A
Sun AU .au built-in
Wave .wav built-in
WavPack .wv built-in

Installation Procedure

To install Python Audio Tools, you simply need to run:

make install

as root from the audiotools source directory. This will use the Python interpreter to install the audiotools Python module and the executable scripts. It will then install the man pages from the doc/ subdirectory.

If this doesn't work for some reason, one can invoke the Python installer directly with:

python build ; python install

which also requires root privileges, but bypasses the Makefile entirely. In this case, you'll need to install the man pages separately.

To verify your Python Audio Tools installation, run:


as a normal user outside of the installation directory. This will load the audiotools Python module, if possible, and deliver a listing of available audio formats and current system settings.

Common Installation Problems

The installer complains about missing python/config/Makefile
Your distribution probably has separate python and python-devel packages and python-devel is not yet installed. Use your package manager to install python-devel and try installing Python Audio Tools again.
My Python interpreter isn't found, or I wish to use a different one
The first line of the Makefile is which Python interpreter is being used for installation of the Python Audio Tools. For instance, to use a Python interpreter located at /opt/python/bin/python, you should change that line to read:
export PYTHON = /opt/python/bin/python
Running make will then invoke the new interpreter for installation of the audiotools module and scripts.