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Utility Reference

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audiotools-config cdda2track cddainfo cddaplay coverdump covertag coverview dvda2track dvdainfo track2cdda track2track trackcat trackcmp trackinfo tracklength tracklint trackplay trackrename tracksplit tracktag trackverify


trackinfo takes a list of audio tracks and writes information about them to standard output. This includes track length, number of channels, sample rate, bits-per-sample, filename and additional metadata, if any.

-h, --help
show a list of options and exit
-n, --no-metadata
do not print track metadata such as track name, album name and so forth
-L, --low-level
display low-level metadata information such as ID3 frames, Vorbis comment pairs, and so on
-b, --bitrate
prints the average bitrate of the track in kilobytes-per-second instead of the usual track information
-%, --percentage
prints the percentage compression of the track instead of the usual track information
-C, --channel-assignment
prints the track's channel assignment, if defined