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audiotools-config cdda2track cddainfo cddaplay coverdump covertag coverview dvda2track dvdainfo track2cdda track2track trackcat trackcmp trackinfo tracklength tracklint trackplay trackrename tracksplit tracktag trackverify


coverview displays cover images which are embedded in audio tracks.

-h, --help
show a list of options and exit
disable PyGTK-based GUI, if available
disable Tkinter-based GUI, if available

coverview requires either PyGTK or Tkinter to display a GUI for cover art. If PyGTK is installed, no other requirements are necessary beyond the Python Audio Tools themselves. If Tkinter is installed, the Python Imaging Library is also required since Tkinter has only rudimentary graphics decoding support. If both are installed, coverview will use PyGTK by default.