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Utility Reference

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audiotools-config cdda2track cddainfo cddaplay coverdump covertag coverview dvda2track dvdainfo track2cdda track2track trackcat trackcmp trackinfo tracklength tracklint trackplay trackrename tracksplit tracktag trackverify


cddaplay takes a CD-ROM device and plays its tracks to an available audio output device such as PulseAudio or the Open Sound System.

-h, --help
show a list of options and exit
-I, --interactive
run in interactive mode; this provides a text-based GUI and allows one to operate playback via keyboard and, on some terminals, mouse control
-o, --output=SYSTEM
the output system to use, such as "PulseAudio" or "OSS"
-c, --cdrom=CDROM
the CD-ROM device to play audio from
shuffle tracks randomly before playback
-V, --verbose=VERBOSITY
The level of output to display. Choose between 'normal', 'quiet' and 'debug.
Cd lookup Options
the MusicBrainz server name to query for metadata
the MusicBrainz port to query for metadata
don't query MusicBrainz for metadata
the FreeDB server name to query for metadata
the FreeDB port to query for metadata
don't query FreeDB for metadata
Playback Controls
N / n-next track
P / p-previous track
Space-pause (non-interactive mode only)
Esc / Q / q-quit