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Utility Reference

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audiotools-config cdda2track cddainfo cddaplay coverdump covertag coverview dvda2track dvdainfo track2cdda track2track trackcat trackcmp trackinfo tracklength tracklint trackplay trackrename tracksplit tracktag trackverify


coverdump takes an audio track and extracts all of its embedded cover images to individual files.

-h, --help
show a list of options and exit
-d, --dir=DIRECTORY
the target directory for the extracted image files; if none is given, the current working directory is used
-p, --prefix=PREFIX
a string to prefix to each extracted image file
-V, --verbose=VERBOSITY
The level of output to display. Choose between 'normal', 'quiet' and 'debug'.
Extract the covert art embedded in track.flac to the images/ directory:
coverdump track.flac -d images/